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’13 Reasons Why’ was a show that was aired first in 2017, May and since then people have not been able to shut up about it. At first it was about the storyline, then it was about the amazing direction, screenplay and script, and later it was about controversies.

With the series set to release its second season in summer 2018, here are a few things that you should learn to understand how this one is so much more than just a TV show.

1. You can’t trust everyone. Don’t get me wrong. You HAVE to trust someone. But don’t get carried away with every thing a guy or everyone tells you. “You are different” is the oldest trick in the book.

2. Ask for help. It is okay if you to need help. Some people would call you crazy but there is always that one person who will want to help you if only you would let the in. When you ask for help, it means you are willing to fight through whatever is going on.

3. There are always those subtle warning signs that we need to understand but often miss. It does not always look like a snot-filled cry for help. They may never even come out with words like depression and emptiness. Sometimes, you have to read their eyes.

Look for subtle signs of deppression
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4. Words matter. No matter what people say about action, sometimes words do leave a lasting impact on somebody. Be kind. You never know what is going on inside a person’s life. Body-shaming or any kind of shaming or making fun is or never will be cool and hilarious.

5. Sexual assault is a problem. But not believing or even not reporting is a wide-spread problem. It is always important to listen to the story. It is necessary to ring an alarm if you find out that something like this might have happened. Even if it turns out to be a false alarm.

6. Take people seriously. What sounds dubious, may actually turn out to be the truth. You never know. When someone gives you a cry for help, don’t brush it aside by saying ‘it happens’. Know that different people have different ways of accepting realities and not everyone can take what you may have gone through. We’re all different.

Listen to people
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7. It could be anyone. Not everyone who is going through turmoil may look like it. There are people who seemingly have everything that may still be going through their own version of nightmares.

8. Don’t just stand by and look. “But I didn’t do anything to her” is not an excuse. The fact that you did not do anything to make it better or oppose anything wrong that is happening; my friend, you have done NOTHING.

Dont be a bystander
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9. Perceptions matter too. Every story has different sides to it. In this series, Hannah’s story seemed much different than the other characters’. Remember, you don’t get to tell someone how they should react to a certain event. They will always react the way they do. So always remember to consider listening to the victim’s perspective.

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10. Say Sorry. Sometimes, this one word can do wonders.

11. Rumors are just that! Rumors. You never truly know them. You have always heard it. Don’t always believe it.

12. Suicide is never an option. You are here and you have a purpose. Anyone else telling you otherwise is either lying or just being hurtful and you should not believe it. God gave us one life and we are allowed to live a happy, peaceful, long life. So it is important to start now.

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