Bathroom signs

We all have our own share fun in public bathrooms. The door is engraved with lines, some lovestruck, some sarcastic while some are not so kind. This thing is not limited to adults. We have been victims of bathroom gags since they potty trained us in school. No kidding.
Scroll down to find a few hilarious examples of bathroom graffiti.

1) I am not sure I want to imagine somebody’s buttcheeks on the same surface as mine is. But atleast we became butt-brothers for life.

Note to self: Carry toilet-seat sanitizer from now on.

2) Why is there whole corn in your poop you ask? It is mostly an appearance. Corn coverings are made of cellulose that human body is not able to break down. What you see is only the outer-layer unless you decided not to chew your corn. But no one is such a dummy. Atleast our poop is more colorfull than our lives.

3) Damn. This toilet paper holder knows when to say no better than most druggies.

4) Someone took the commercial too seriously. I guess that is what you do when you do not take your phone to poop.

Drunk people understand birds

5) This one just feels like it was made by someone suffering from constipation. A never ending wait.

loading some poop

6) To never stop pooping? Sounds like loose motion.

never stop pooping

7) I am not sure what the person meant while making this. But seems like he dreams of pooping pizza. Gross.


8) This one ruined pudding for me. My whole life is now meaningless.

What is a pudding pop?

9) Why does the earth rotate? Why do I see tomato in my poop? Why does poop flow only one way? Why? WHY?

why when what?

10) Dear men. If you know what he means.

Shake that

11)  How does one remember Terminator while taking a dump?

sword fight!

12) Very truthful of you my friend. But maybe you should carry extra pants if this is a common affair for you.

pooped his pants

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13) Accept it. We have all torn toilet paper and made figures and origami with it. I know I did.

toilet paper art

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