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Phobias are for real. Ask those who have never been to a high-rise terrace. Phobia is basically a kind of anxiety disorder. There are times, these phobias go unnoticed or often made fun of. There have been nights when I would call my mother– who lives in another state by the way, and scream and cry because I thought I heard a mouse. She would smile and reassure me, but to hell with those because I THOUGHT I HEARD A MOUSE!! wikiHow gave me 14 ways to get rid of this phobia. Did not work for me, not really.

So I thought I would help out our readers to recognize if they have any of these 15 weird yet real af phobias.

Ablutophobia: It is the fear of washing or bathing. Basically any form of cleaning up. They say it is more common in females than in males. They haven’t obviously met some of my guy friends.

fear of bathing
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Deipnophobia: The fear of meals or dinner parties and banquets. People with deipnophobia generally eat alone in silence. And I thought that girl who wouldn’t sit with us and share her lunch in school was just selfish.

Disposophobia: Hoarder alert! Disposophobia is the fear of getting rid of things. This is what makes a hoarder. They are unable to let go of material things even when it is useless or ruined. These people tend to have little to no storage place by the time they are 30.

hoarders will hoard
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Allodoxaphobia: They are not a big fan of opinionated people. Because they shit bricks in the event of an opinion. The fear of opinions may make your life miserable because everyone has expert opinions and new comments to make even normal people miserable.

Cacomorphobia: The fear of all things ugly. And that does include people, I am afraid. So if one day a person looks at you and runs to hills screaming; you’ll know, that he had cacomorphia.

fear of all things ugly
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Sidonglobophobia: The fear of cotton ball. As hilarious as it sounds, it is actually more terrifying. Imagine a doctor drawing blood from you. And you scream when the cotton ball with the anesthesia is more scary t han any needle.

fear of cotton balls
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Pediophobia: The fear of dolls. Frankly, this is not that hard to believe with Annabelle and Robert in this world.

fear of dolls
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Panophobia: The fear of everything. This sounds horrifying. A patient with panophobia has anxiety attacks due to dreams and circumstances.

Philophobia: Fear of love or emotional attatchment. This is the perennial state for most of today’s youth. That is how Tinder was born!

Fear of love
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Hippopototomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: The fear for long words. The term is self-explnatory. It is scary to even say it out loud. Hippopotomonstro…what?

Fear of long words
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Koumpounophobia: The fear of buttons. While buttons were originally used as decorative pieces on clothes, some people are appalled by them. Is this even real?

fear of buttons
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Cibophobia: The fear of food itself. How does one survive with such a condition? This is a cruel world indeed.

Fear of food
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Epistemophobia: Sufferers of epistemophobia are scared of knowledge. They do not like to get into discussions or arguments and like to keep to themselves.

The fear of knowledge
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Metathesiophobia: The fear of change. People with this condition like old habits and places and anything new would gut them and bring them to their knees.

The fear of change
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Omphalophobia: Look in the mirror. Does your belly button bring dread to you? Does touching your belly-button bring about a panic attack? Then you are omphalophobic, my friend. The fear of navels(belly-buttons).

The fear of navels
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Hey. I am Sagarika. I hail from the City of Joy. Though I have graduated as an engineer, writing has always been my calling. What had started as a weird Paragraph at an essay writing competition, has now turned into an all time passion for me. Though the entire world is my muse, dogs are my favourite form of life.


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