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The tragedy of the RMS Titanic is not unknown to the world. In the year 1912, on its maiden voyage had sunk due to an ice-berg collision and killed 1500 people out of the 2,224 people aboard. It was known to be the largest and the strongest ship of the time. The ship had sailed from Southampton to its destination, New York City. The ship was called the ‘Ship of dreams’ as it was the most expensive ocean-liner and was only for the rich.

On January’14, a project to build a Titanic Replica was launched in Sichuan, China, which is being commissioned by the Seven Star Energy Investment. Though the project was supposed to be finished by last year, the hike in cost of metals and workers were a reason for its delay. So while we wait for this marine extravaganza, let us look into a few lesser known facts about the original 1912 RMS Titanic ocean liner.

1. The Titanic cost $7.5 million to build.

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2. The first class parlor tickets of the titanic costed $4350, which converted to $69,000 today.

3. Only 16 wooden lifeboats and 4 collapsible boats were onboard of the Titanic. They could hold only 1178 passengers out of the total 2,224 people.

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4. The Titanic’s wake was so strong that another boat was pulled to it and had almost caused a collision

5. On the 14th of April, a lifeboat drill was scheduled but the captain had cancelled it. On that very fateful day, the Titanic hit the iceberg at 11:40 pm and then sank in the next 3 hours approximately.

6. The Titanic’s launch was delayed by 6 weeks. It was launched during the time that seasonal ice-bergs were to be expected. The captain, Edward Smith, ignored the warning signals from other ships and did not try to avoid the danger by altering the ship’s route.

7. Believe it or not, the Titanic could have been still saved if the iceberg had breached only 4 compartments of the ship. The iceberg had sliced through 6. The position of collision is played a huge part in sinking the ship. Had the Titanic hit the iceberg head on, the ship would survive because of it’s bulk in the front hull of the ship.

8. The Titanic Orchestra played for around 2 hours on the deck trying to calm the people while the ship sank with them. The last song they played is the still topic of debate; it could be the waltz ‘Song d’Autumne’ or ‘Nearer My God To Thee’.

9. The Carpethia was the rescue ship which started rescuing the survivors by 4:10 am on the 15th of April.

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10. It is reported that after the iceberg had struck the ship, the Titanic did not send correct distress signals. Instead, their rockets signalled that “Having navigation problem. Stand clear.”

11. The 100 ft tall iceberg had spawned from a glacier in Greenland.

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12. The water was colder than the iceberg. The iceberg was at 0 degrees while the water was below -2.

13. Out of the 1514 who died due in this disaster, only 336 bodies were recovered.

14. The ship’s captain went down with it. His last words to his crew were: “Well boys, you’ve done your duty and done it well. I ask no more of you. I release you. You know the rule of the sea. It’s every man for himself now, and God bless you.”

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15. There were nine dogs aboard the Titanic. Only two were rescued. A Pomerian and a Peckinese

16. Another ship, the Californian had received the distress signals from the Titanic as it sunk to its doom. The captain of the Californian did not pass any orders. Had they come to the rescue, a lot more people would have survived the calamity.

17. Milton Hershey’s of the Hersheys Chocolate was supposed to be on the ship, but he had cancelled it last moment. Freaky luck!

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18. Millvina Dean was the last remaining survivor of the Titanic. She passed away in May, 2009 at the age of 95. She was a two month old infant at the time of the fiasco.

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19. James Cameron made a film starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet, which released in 1994. The movie was a major hit with a gross income of more than $2 billion. The movie also bagged 11 Oscars.

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20. Dorothy Gibson, an actress who survived the Titanic, went on to act in a silent film by the name “Saved From The Titanic” where she wore the same clothes she had worn onboard the ship.

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