sexual harassment handbook

Do you know what constitutes the sexual harassment?

Over the years a lot of incidents have occurred that have put the safety of women in jeopardy. Too many people have written and spoken about women’s safety. There are a range of books telling women how to avoid being sexually harassed/assaulted in the roads, mall, schools, the police station, at night, in broad daylight, after lunch and during brunch too. There are so many rules and hacks that girls could follow that would save them from such scenes and at the same time conveniently hinder their right to live freely.

As a fresh breath of air, Rachel Parris with collaboration of Nish Kumar of The Mash Report released a video to help out those who find it difficult to understand what constitutes as sexual harassment. Have a look!

Source: The Mash Report: How Not To Sexually Harass Someone

Dear world! Do not teach us what to wear and how much to speak. Teach them to be humans.

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