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What Happened ?

A plane conveying 71 travelers and team has crashed on arriving at Nepal’s Kathmandu air terminal, executing 49 individuals, as indicated by police.

Rescuers pulled bodies from the scorched destruction of the plane, worked by Bangladeshi aircraft US-Bangla, after a seething fire was put out.

The aircraft has faulted aviation authority, yet the air terminal says the plane drew closer from the wrong heading.

Flight BS211 veered off the runway while arriving on Monday evening.

The correct reason for the crash stays vague and Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli guaranteed a quick examination.

Notwithstanding, a chronicle of the discussion between the pilot and airport regulation minutes previously the plane crashed proposes some misconception over which end of the sole runway the plane was cleared to arrive on.

Minutes before the plane crash-handled, an air activity controller is heard in the chronicle got by the BBC from air movement screen LiveATC telling the pilot: “I say again, turn!”

An AP writer who touched base at the scene not long after the crash saw the twin-propeller plane broken into a few substantial pieces, with many firefighters and protect specialists grouped around the destruction in a lush field close to the runway. Several individuals remained on a close-by slope, gazing down at what stayed of the Bombardier Dash 8 air ship.

The plane swerved more than once as it arranged to arrive in Kathmandu, said Amanda Summers, an American working in Nepal. The packed city sits in a valley in the Himalayan lower regions.

“It was flying so low I thought it was going to run into the mountains,” said Summers, who watched the crash from the patio of her home office, not a long way from the air terminal. “All of a sudden there was a blast and then another blast.”

Fire teams put out the blazes rapidly, maybe inside a moment, she stated, however for a period billows of thick, darksmoke ascended into the sky over the city.

Who is to be blamed?

Aircraft charges airplane terminal experts: Imran Asif, who is US-Bangla Airlines’ CEO, considered Kathmandu’s aviation authority in charge of the fiasco, blaming it for giving incorrectly flags, The Himalayan Times, a Nepalese English every day, detailed.

Asif guaranteed that wrong flags may have caused the crash. The Nepalese paper cited him as telling columnists in Dhaka: “A three-minute conversation between the pilot and the air traffic control before the landing indicated that they sent wrong signal to the pilot.”

A Bangladeshi news site, the Dailystar, announced that US-Bangla Airlines authorities suspect “carelessness” on part of the air terminal’s airport regulation. As indicated by the site, Asif told the media that there was a “tendency of giving misinformation and a negligence on behalf of the ATC atĀ airport”.

As indicated by the Bangladeshi news site, the pilot of the plane was Abid Sultan, who had 5,000 hours of flying background added to his repertoire. The report included that Sultan was a teacher for Bombardier.

Air terminal specialists accuse pilot: Raj Kumar Chettri, Tribhuvan International Airport general chief, said that the doomed US-Bangla Airlines’ pilot neglected their messages and rolled in from the wrong course, as indicated by The Himalayan Times report.

Chettri said that the terrible mischance occurred after the pilot ignored the Air Traffic Controller’s guidelines and took a contrary course while dropping. “Our ATC permitted the aircraft to land from the southern side of the runway but it changed its route and attempted to land from northern side,” said Chettri. The air terminal administrator called this activity on the pilot’s part the “primary explanation for the mischance”.

As indicated by the Nepalese every day, Chettri said that the pilot had said that he needed to go in a northern heading minutes after the US-Bangla Airlines’ flight gotten authorization to arrive. Chettri told the paper that when asked by the control tower if there was an issue, the pilot had answered in the negative.

Chettri depicted what occurred by the Nepalese paper: The US-Bangla Airlines’ flight was then observed making two adjusts an upper east way. Indeed, the activity controllers inquired as to whether things were OK. The pilot answered in the positive.

In this manner, the pinnacle told the pilot that his arrangement was off base. Be that as it may, they got no answer.

“The plane should have come from the right direction,” Chettri told the daily paper. The flying machine barely went past a Thai Airways air ship stopped on the runway, he told news offices.

At the season of revealing, the Nepalese daily paper said that it was uncertain whether the pilot had issued a “Mayday” call.


As indicated by refreshed figures, 49 individuals were killed and 22 harmed when the US-Bangla Airlines traveler plane crash-landed and detonated at Nepal’s primary airplane terminal on Monday. Nepal Police representative Manoj Neupane affirmed the loss of life.

As indicated by Neupane’s announcement, 31 bodies were recouped from the destruction of the crashed plane while 18 others kicked the bucket in healing facilities.

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