Black Panther is one of the best Marvel movies

The newest entry in the marvel movie universe, the Black Panther is probably one of the best movies by Marvel Studios till date. This is the movie which changes everything. The Black Panther movie restores pride and prestige of the entire black race. In the time of Trump, who feels that the black people should burn in hell, this movie is a right punch on his face. The movie is responsible for changing the whole scenario of the Marvel universe before the next Avengers(Infinity Wars) movie.

In Captain America– Civil War, when the king of Wakanda(a fictional country in Africa) T’Chaka, dies in a bomb blast, it is the duty of his son T’Chaka, the newest King to take care of his province’s safety and well being. Wakanda is hidden among mountains in the African forest and acts like a third-world nation in front of the world. But in reality, it is house to a priceless metal Vibranium, which helps in turning Wakanda into a land of high level technologies that even Iron Man can only dream of. T’Challa(Chadwick Boseman) along with his general Okoye and ex Nakia(Lupita Nyong’o) go back to Wakanda. Like all Marvel movies, one crisis leads to another. When the King goes to hunt down Klaus, who stole Vibranium from the Wakandans; he comes face to face to Killmonger(Michael B Jordan) who turns out to be a long lost cousin of T’Challa.

I would now take the time to appreciate Ryan Coogler. The director of three prodigious movies, Coogler was successful in portraying Killmonger as one of the best villains that the Marvel Universe has ever seen. Unlike other villains with their larger-than-life agendas, Killmonger actually had intentions that was for the good. The choice of hero and villain depends of the viewers choice. Killmonger did not try to usurp the throne with dirty tricks. He overthrew T’Challa(quite literally) and attempted to spread Wakanda’s treasure among the world to help all black people who have gone through decades of oppression and crimes. Hats off to Michael B Jordan for being able to illustrate the character flawlessly. I think it was Jordan that made Killmonger even more alluring and helped us to be able to actually empathize with a villain, for once.

Michael B Jordan as the Killmonger
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This movie was a fresh variation to the constant fighting and mindless open fire that Marvel is famous for. While the first half of the movie mostly concentrated on the political aspects of the Marvel universe, the swords and rhinos was so different than blue beams and flying men. The dizzying array of African rituals gave a certain sense of tradition to the power battles and ego clashes. Black Panther also happens to be the richest of all superheroes, and thankfully money has nothing to do with it. Vibranium can just about do anything, but as usual, the movie fails to give us a more technical overview of why the Vibranium is the way it is.

Another great thing about this movie is how the director did not fail the female characters. The movie had just enough humor thanks to Shuri(Letitia Wright). The women are strong, determined, fearless, loyal and no less than their male counterparts and very important to the whole plot. Okoye, Nakia and Shuri were a power pack who could well pull off their own Marvel movie(wishful thinking on my part).

Nakia and Shuri in the final battle
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So after 10 years, right from the first Iron Man movie, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been playing out to come to this point, which leads to the Infinity Wars. Everything, starting from the screenplay right to the music, everything was perfect and turned a comic into a blockbuster.
With movies like Creed, Ryan Coogler has once again proved that he is a genius who is able to uphold the reputation of the series as well as bring some fresh variation which very well goes with the characters and circumstances of the movie franchise.

Avengers Infinity War poster
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Rotten Tomatoes: 97%
IMDB: 7.9

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