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Tattoos are a lifelong commitment. It is common for people to take time to decide on their tattoo. They say, the process for removing tattoos is more painful and costly than actually getting the tattoo. If being carved with a needle is dreadful for most, imagine what burning your skin with a laser would feel like. Yeah, it does send chills down the spine. So the other day, I was searching some tattoo ideas for my next tattoo, I came across some people who did not care enough to spell-check their designs or even use Google translate before they got it engraved on their skin. Check them out:


Tupac turned in his grave. Even if the design and the different scripts can be ignored, the spelling error is making me cringe. It could be a troll tattoo as the error is actually written in bold. We are all judging you brother.


Honey, you do have the ‘strenth’ to get such a tattoo. The missing ‘g’ in the tattoo hurts my eye; literally. I wonder if it is the aftermath of the guy’s stupidity or the tattoo artist’s incompetence, this tattoo would be a sore for his entire life.


I’m sure this tattoo made the guy very strong. This is the kind of tattoo which kills a person from within. J.K Rowling would cringe if she saw this tattoo. With a tattoo like this, I’d let any witch kill me; anyday.


It sure is. But does that mean you would ruin it with such tattoos? I am curious if the guy got this tattoo to make a point. Bon Jovi would change his name if he knew such typos actually existed. I know I would.


I think you are lying. I think, you are suffocated under the weight of your mistakes. I think, you ‘regert’ everything. I think you ‘regert’ your life. I think…


I am not sure what this guy wants to say to the world. “Look I got a tattoo on my butt”? Or “I skipped my schooling altogether”; because either way, it looks like a drunken night in Vegas. This tattoo should remind the guy to never drink again.


This is one good mantra. But are you sure you don’t regret this tattoo? Are you?


You are right. We are a bunch of imperfect nobodies living in this world. Haha. The positioning of this tattoo does not even allow her to hide this transgression, unless she decides to wear turtlenecks all her life. It is heartbreaking. Perhaps she sould have made a broken heart instead of the full one.


I am not sure what this person wanted to write, but I am dead sure it did not mean mad frequent discharge of liquid bowel.


This is a very famous tattoo. David Beckham shows the birdie to all those who preach never to tattoo your spouses’ name. But David, we expected better from you. What was supposed to read as ‘Victoria’ is actually ‘Vihctoria’. Heartbreaking.


What? Maybe people should stick to their own language.


Grammar Checkers are an actual thing. Did you know?


This is Hebrew. Apparently this girl meant to profess his undying love for her hubby. But what she really ended up writing was “Babylon is the world’s leading dictionary and translation software”. How sad.


Holy baloney. This tattoo is absolutely gibberish. It is not any language, not any that is known to man atleast. It could be a random design, but I don’t think so.

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