how should you cut your hair according to your face?

It is a dilemma all of us go through. What style of sunglasses should I buy? While there is such a wide range of trendy glasses online, most of us are afraid to buy them as ‘what if it does not suit my face?’. Personally, it is a struggle I go through everytime. Hairstyles are another thing that cause us pain. There are so many girls who loves the style on the magazine cover, but curse the day she got hers cut. So I realized, it would be nice if there was a guide that helps us choose our glasses and haircut with shut eyes according to our face shape.

1. Round Face
A round face has equal dimensions along the forehead, cheeks and jaw. A round face basically has softened round features especially along the jawline. A round face does not have any facial cuts. The best kind of sunglasses that suit a round face are large rectangular frames. Avoid round-ish frames as they accentuate the facial curves. Long side-swept bangs, with soft gradual layers suit a round face. Try to have your hair fall right below the chin. Avoid sharp blunt cuts. (See: Emma Stone)

Emma stone has a round face
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2. Square face
A square face, like round faces have equal width along the foreheads, cheeks and jaws.the only difference lies in the sharp angular features that includes a sharp jawline. Sharp oval frames soften a sharp jawline. A person with a square face can opt for round Lennon-glasses or even cat-eyed glasses. A square face can get away with short edgier hair. Textures in the form of curls and choppy ends look great. Avoid sleek chin-length bobs as you face would look boxier than ever. (See: Kiera Knightley)

Kiera has a square face
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3. Heart Shaped Face
A heart shaped face is easy to recognize. Heart shaped beauties have larger foreheads and pointy chins. This shape may also be referred to as an inverted-triangle. The right kind of sunglasses for this face shape is any simple cat-shaped or round glasses. Avoid strong prints and embellishments on the glasses as they bring extra focus on the upper part of the face making your forehead look broader than it is. Avoid blunt cuts and choppy layers. Short pixie hairstyles or long layers with side-swept brow grazing fringes are the best for this face.(See: Reese Whitherspoon)

Whitherspoon has a heart-shaped face
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4. Oblong Face
Faces which are basically long and have narrow cheeks and jaw are considered as an oblong shaped face. People with such faces should avoid glasses narrower than their forehead. Large glasses or styles that wrap their face is the best kind of sunglasses that you should opt for. Stay away from extremes of hair length. Blunt bangs or brow-grazing side-swept bangs look good. Anything that adds width, like curls or perms look great.
(See: Sarah Jessica Parker)

Jessica Parker with an oblong face
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5. Oval Face
An oval face is the most versatile face structure. If the length of your face is about 1.5 times longer than the width of your face, you can congratulate yourself for landing such a face. Luckily, people with oval faces can sport any kind of sunglasses and even hairstyle. Find the best feature on your face and get a haircut to enhance that feature.
(See: Jessica Alba)

Alba has an oval face
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Now be confident while buying your shades and have faith in your choice of hairstyle!
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