Serial Killers of India

Murder was never about violence or pleasure, it is about possession. Serial Killers like other notable persons have a time frame of fame. While we have our favorite serial killers like Hannibal Lecter and Dexter Morgan, killers are less charming than TV has made it seem. A serial killer is someone who has murdered more than atleast three people. So what makes a serial killer?
Serial killers usually have a motive. It could be either money or personal matters such as revenge. Murders by serial killers are generally well planned and have schedules and patterns. Serial killers are generally known by his/her pattern of killing. It could be the type of victim, a group of people having similar agenda or even the way the killings are done. Every killer is known to have their own modus operandi. Here is a list of the most cold hearted serial killers who emerged in India.

1. Thug Behram

thuggee rumaal
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Meet the world’s most feared serial killer who is known to have killed over 900 innocent victims between 1790 and 1840. If we came up with an average, in the fifty years that he was active, he did around 18 killings each year. But I suspect that is not how Thug Behram planned his killings. He is also known as the king of Thuggees, a leader of the bone-chilling thug cult of India. How he would do it?
Thug Behram would use a ‘rumaal’ (handkerchief). Yes a handkerchief. This ‘rumaal’ would have a coin sewed in the middle so the the cloth was used to strangulate the victims. The coin would cut of hair passage of the victims eventually killing them. Behram was hanged to death at the age of 75. He came forth and accepted to murdering atleast 125 people with his own bare hands. Beat that!

2. Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde

seema gavit and renuka Shinde
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The first women to ever be sentenced to death. Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde, along with their late mother Anjana were known kidnappers and murderers of children. The three of them were charged with the kidnapping of 13 children and the death of 10 of them. The trio would steal children and use them as distractions while the daughters went about thieving. Their first victim was Santosh, a toddler, whom Anjana had flung when Seema was once caught stealing. The bleeding baby was a mere distraction while the former escaped the scene. Anjana had later bashed the baby’s head on an electric pole to stop his cries and left the dead body to rot in a rubble of garbage. In 2014, President Pranab Mukherjee rejected their mercy petition, after their death sentence in 2006, as they confided that their late mother was the only culprit. Renuka and Seema were convicted of 13 kidnappings and 5 murders.

3. Psycho Shankar

psycho shankar
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Rapist and murderer, M. Jaishankar also nicknamed as Psycho Shankar, who is convicted of 30 rapes and 19 murders of women. His first rape was of a woman police constable. Also known as the ‘Machete Killer’, Jaishankar would keep a machete in his black bag that he carried around and would kill anyone who resisted him. He said that he loved torturing the women before raping and killing them. Girls in dhabas, farm houses and rural areas were his foremost victims. Not only rape and murder, Jaishankar had added prison break to his list after having escaped incarceration twice.

4. Cyanide Mallika

cyanide mallika
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Whoever told you to go to the temple in times of need did not think that Mallika could be on the loose. Cyanide Mallika or K D Kempamma was convicted of killing 6 women for their gold. Mallika would hang around temples as an ardent devotee who would find distressed women, especially women who were victims of domestic violence, and advice them to do the Mandal Puja which she would organize at a temple in the outskirts of the city Bangalore. She would then mix cyanide in the ‘prasad'(offerings) due to which the women would die. Single-handedly, Cyanide Mallika killed 6 people. She is doing a life sentence now.

5. Amardeep Sada

India's youngest killer
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Finding a psychpath is rare. Especially in India, where mental health is a stigmatic topic. He is India’s youngest killer at 8 years age. Sada, a son of an impoverished family is known to have first killed 3 children, younger than him. He would take the children in a field, where he would bash their head with a stone, kill them and bury them in shallow graves. The family knew about the first two murders but kept it under wraps because it was considered ‘family matter’. The boy’s mental health came to be questioned when he just smiled when he was asked about the murders.

6. Raman Raghav

Raman Raghav in reel life and real life
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An inspiration of the Anurag Kashyap movie, Raman Raghav is known to have killed 41 people. His victims were generally homeless people. In the dark of the night, Raman would go out with his steel rod and bludgeon to death anything that moved and breathed. He was first found after the bodies of homeless people and slum dwellers were on the rise. No one knew how he looked as he would live in the jungle alone. When Raman was finally caught, he confessed to the murders and took the Mumbai police around to show all the places he had murdered. The defense pleaded that Raman was mentally incompetent as he had a strong belief that the government brought him to Mumbai to commit thefts and criminal activities. Raman was called a schizophrenic from there on.

7. Nithari Killings

Nithari case culprits
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India’s cannibal murders that took the country by a storm. It is a controversial case as the media took its turn to twist the story in every way. Surinder Koli, a domestic help was convicted of rape and murder. Apparently he would rape and kill women and children and later cook a meal with their flesh for his employer Mohinder Singh Pandher. It took place in sector 30, Noida. While Surinder Koli is on life imprisonment for 5 deaths, his employer is awaiting his fate as it is still in debate if he was even aware of the killings. The killings did take place in the Singh mansion. The Nithari case brought fear in the hearts of all the residents of the city in Uttar Pradesh.

Switch off your lights. And sleep in peace. Keep a guard dog, maybe!

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