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These are the creepy mysteries that world can’t forget.

1. MH370
Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 was an international passenger flight that mysteriously disappeared while flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing International Airport at China.

The flight, carrying 277 passengers from 15 different countries and 12 Malaysian Crew, was last sighted at the northern tip of Sumatra—way off its track. It is reported that on-board communications has been deliberately disabled. Thereafter, the most expensive underwater expedition in history was done by 20 countries, which was called off three years prior to that. Till date no concrete evidence has been found on the Malaysian flight. Only 50 passengers were found alive in the waters by the rescue teams.

MH 370 flight as shown during takeoff

2. Dyatlov pass incident
2nd February 1959, 5 hikers were found dead near their abandoned camp site. The hikers’ tent was found cut open inside out. Some were found in positions as if they were dragging themselves back to the tent, some with their hands burned next to a small tree while some were found half-naked on the snow. 4 bodies were found in the ravine with fatal physical trauma such as broken ribs and fractured skulls. But the most mind-boggling part is that the footprints on the snow suggest that the mountaineers were trying to get away from the tent in a hurry, but no other person or animals were to be found in the vicinity. Strange amounts of radiation were found in the hikers’ clothes.
This incident still sends chills down the country as the Soviet Government tried to explain the deaths as a cause of an “unknown compelling force”.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

3. Pollock twins
The case of the Pollock twins put stock into the ever discussed topic of reincarnation. Twins Gillian and Jennifer were born to parents who had a tragic past of losing 11 year old twin daughters Jacqueline and Joanna in a horrifying car accident.

The unfortunate parents realized something eerie when the father found a thin mark on Jennifer’s head similar to the scar Jacqueline had acquired due to a bike accident. They even found matching birthmarks. The growing twins soon started marking landmarks that they had never visited. The twins were also able to interact with their deceased sisters’ possessions. They were able to identify each toy with their correct names. One time while they walked passed a car-parking when the twins went into hysteria screaming that “The car! It’s coming to get us”.
These strange events stopped when the girls reached the age of 5.
Strange Memories? Or Reincarnation?

The Pollock Twins

4. Flannan isle lighthouse
The mystery of the Eilean Mor Lighthouse dates back to the year 1900. Three keepers of the lighthouse – Thomas Marshall, James Ducat and Donald McArthur, were reported missing by captain of the boat Hesperus. The log book of head-keeper Marshall had details about severe winds and storms. He also wrote that Ducat had been quiet while McArthur was crying, which is unusual behaviour from experienced sea-farers.
Strangest part is that no storms were reported in that area for the days that the entry had been made. Their last log was on the 15th of December which read: “Storm ended, sea calm. God is over all”. The replacement keeper reported that he had an eerie spine chilling feeling whenever he climed the stairs of the lighthouse. The bodies of the missing persons have still not been accounted for.

Flannan Isles Lighthouse

5. Chase Family Vault
This story sounds like one of those horror movies we all pay to watch. But the Chase family were unfortunate enough to experience such encounters when they bought an underground vault at the cemetery after the demise of their two year old daughter Mary Ann Chase. The vault already had the remnants of a woman. While Death plagued the Chase family, a weird incident kept repeating which lead the people of Barbados to believe that the vault was haunted.

As the deaths continued, they family kept finding the coffins of their deceased in a haphazard manner every time the vault was opened. They even sealed the vault but the episode continued repeating itself. After a couple of years the vault was cleared off all the coffins, yet stays a mystery even today.

Chase Family Vault

6. Bullet Bike Mystery
The Bullet Baba is a well sought after deity in Chotila, a village in Rajasthan. The aforementioned Royal Enfield motorcycle was acquired by the police after its owner Om Banna died of a motorcycle accident. The weird twist in the tale is that the bike never stays in the place it has been stored. Even after being chained, the bike is found near the area where its owner died. The villagers soon built a temple for it. The locals of Pali-Jodhpur muse that if you visited Jodhpur and did not visit the Bullet Baba temple, you might not reach your destination safely. Odd!

Bullet bike

7. SS Ourang Medan Ghost Ship
Known as the ghost ship, the SS Ourang Medan makes other ominous tales like the Flying Dutchman a distant reality. This ship on the trade routes of Malaysia sent SOS distress signals to its nearby ships. The unsettling message was: “All officers including captain are dead, lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.”

There was a last unsettling message: “I die”. When two American ships picked up the distress calls of the Dutch freighter, they boarded the destitute ship to find corpses of all the crew and even the crew dog. They all looked like they were petrified of what they had seen.
The Ourang Medan is incontestably the most weird and mysterious unsolved maritime cases of the world.

SS Ourang Medan

8. Death of Elisa lam
The best for the last. Elisa Lam seemed to be living in a Ed and Lorraine case. Elisa Lam had disappeared from her hotel room only to be discovered dead in the water tanks of the Cecil Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles. Her body had been missing for almost 6 weeks, until the guests of the hotel complained of the water tasting funny.

During investigation by the local police, a CCTV footage was found of the deceased in an elevator. What stood out was her peculiar behaviour in the elevator. She seemed to be talking to ‘herself’ as no other person was in sight. Her scared, erratic behaviour was at first written off as drug-abuse, but later investigation proved that Elisa Lam had no history of drug habit or dipsomania.

While I am not an ardent believer of ghosts or transcendental stories, these 8 documented cases still sent chills down the spine while I researched and wrote about it. Do you still believe that the paranormal world is just wild tales and fantasies?

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