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Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee has a background marked by making pioneers and pioneers of diverse fields for more than 150 years. In the advanced world, business visionaries are at the lead of taking care of the world’s issues. Enterprise Development Cell IIT Roorkee is sorting out E-Summit ’18 to commend the history and the soul of business; and to motivate the pioneers and issue solvers of today and tomorrow. This two-day celebration traversing from tenth to eleventh of March, intends to motivate the torpid business visionary present inside each person.

The subject during the current year’s release is ‘Dive to the Pearl’. The Pearl speaks to the achievement, be it record-breaking turnovers or a positive change in the general public. The Plunge is the very advance of beginning up and everything which accompanies it, all the pragmatic and mental variables.

Since its inception in 2008, E-Summit has been graced by the presence of renowned
names in the world of corporates and entrepreneurs such as Ashok Soota, former President of Wipro Technologies, Pramod Saxena, Managing Director Oxigen Wallet, Saurabh Kochhar,
co-founder of FoodPanda.
This Year, the event will be graced by the presence of Mr. Sourabh Kochhar, Founder,
FoodPanda, Mr. Sandeep Jain, Executive Director, Monte Carlo, Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder,
Droom, Ms. Kat Manalac of Y Combinator and Varun Sheth, Ketto.
This momentous festival is set to witness a plethora of events with the common motto of
making the attendees ‘Learn. Network. Startup.’. The highlights will be Knowledge-Sessions, Workshops, Business-Model Competitions, Startup Internship Fair, Startup Weekend powered by Google and Networking events. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Thus, to ensure fun, many games and a Comedy Night is also planned.

This 2-day extravaganza will see the participation of students of IITR, various colleges
from North India and school students. It will serve as a great platform for the students,
corporates, founders and academics to interact on the same stage and inspire the leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

The Workshop
1) There are in total 4 workshops.
Session 1: Entrepreneurship & Web Based Technologies
Session 2: Cpanel, CMS & Additional Plugins
Session 3: Website Designing & Digital Marketing
Session 4: E-Commerce & Fund Raising

2) Blocked Beyond Bitcoins: Most unstable venture substance in this day and age. Well set-up and always developing framework to exchange. High potential to actualize the innovation crosswise over areas. Innovation with the greatest void regarding acknowledged potential outcomes. Exceptionally employable aptitude of tomorrow.


1) Convergence: Networking Over Lunch

2) Dribble Meetup: The Dribbble meetup gives a stage for the fashioners to associate with ace dribblers, get tips on the most proficient method to oblige the wide assortment of undertakings that a planner needs to complete to show signs of improvement acknowledgment in spill group and will become more acquainted with about their voyage as a creator.
The occasion will involve fresh talks by the visitors took after by face to face talk session.

3) The SPOC: SPOC is the shortened form for “Single Point of Contact” which as the name says gives a chance to the chose members to go with the visitors the distance from the airplane terminal to IIT Roorkee grounds.
The member needs to take up a part of a travel buddy and deal with the visitor in the most ideal way. Members require not have any kind of inside and out learning of business enterprise yet the capacity to lead a connecting with discussion and expert manners.


1) Franchise It: Franchise IT presents for people who are interested in becoming franchise owners-who want to make sure they are right for franchising.

2) Investor’s Hat: A competition where you get to fight it out with the brightest minds in the country to find the smartest investor.

3) Auction Frenzy

4) Let’s Advertise: You have to be the person to attract the most number of customers and to make them a recurring part of their business.

5) Buzzwords: For the ‘Know It Alls’ of the start up entrepreneurship world.

Knowledge Sessions

1) Panel Discussions: Be a part of the audience of of the most crucial topics scrutinized and discussed that are essential for all next generation entrepreneurs to become someone in the field.

2) Fireside Chats: An eclectic group of entrepreneurs speaking about their entrepreneurial journeys and will share insights about their success and challenges to reach the pinnacle in their respective fields. They motivate and inspire the audience to connect with one another for collaborative opportunities as well as learn about industry dynamics, funding sources, managing investors, negotiating skills and much more.

3) Guest Lectures: Visitor Lectures will be founded on a focal topic and different experts and specialists from different fields of business enterprise will share a typical stage to share their encounters and illuminate member’s brains

4) Mini Workshops

Main Events

1) Idea Storm: Bring forth your start-up ideas and make them happen right this moment. There is no wait for an entrepreneur.

2) Google Startup Weekend: Take a dive into the world of start-up ideas.

3) Startup Internship Program

4) Social Innovation Challenge: Case Study Competition.

Noida, Galgotias University

8th February

Anywhere Else?
Yes! Jaipur, JECRC University

25th February

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