story of whatsapp group

Story of every Whatsapp Group..

Happy were those times when messaging people were costly. Welcome to the 21st century where people are constantly sending messages, videos, voice notes and other things over Whatsapp. Out of all such messaging apps like BBM, Hike, Whatsapp have won and come out to be the most prevalent messaging app. Whatsapp groups are also as common nowadays. There is the ‘FAMBAM’ group, the ‘School Class 11-C’, the ‘Btech ECE (2013-2017), the ‘Weird Named’ Group and so many more. If these weren’t enough, there are always certain kinds of people we all find in groups. We know their MEMO. We always hope that they do something different for once.

Check them out!

1. ‘The Alarm Clock’
This one is a regular and there is atleast one of these clowns in every group. Especially in a family group. You wake up to your phone vibrating to annoying ‘good morning’ texts which are almost always written on a monochrome background with white orchids on the side. What is worse. There are those who also without fail, send goodnight wishes regularly. Your wish just made it a very bad BAD night bro!

The regular goodmorning text
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2. The Monosyllable Speaker
Is it not annoying when people write back monosyllables to those rare interesting conversations. When you ask your cousin who is recovering from jaundice “How are you feeling?” and he says “Hmm”. Hmm? What Hmm? Are you fine? Are you in agony? Do you still have your voice?

One syllable talker
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3. The Namer
So if it an occasion, she will be the first to change the group name. She changes the name of the group like we change our shoes. At first we notice and talk about it. Later when we see that little notification about someone changing the group name AGAIN, the only thought that comes is “Damn now I got to forget the last one and get used to this name flashing up on my cellphone!”

4. The Emoji Lover
🙂 😉 😛
/=u(/< 0/=/=

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5. The One Who Bails Out
In our lives, we have always had a group for that Goa trip or a trek to the Parvati Valley; but there is always that person who will say no. Every time.
“Lets go to Goa”…. “No can’t, my father won’t allow”
“Lets do a nightout”… “Can’t I have family night movie marathon”
“Lets go out for coffee?”… “Sorry dude, coffee would make me dark.”

One who cancels everytime
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6. The Informer
This guy is our own and personal news channel. Any thing Modi said, anything Pakistan did, any new Patanjali product, this guy will tell you. He will constantly send videos and photos until you turn off automatic downloading of media.
Always has some news even if it is bullshit

7. The Watcher
Nobody even knows if the person is still in the group or why he is in it in the first place. I am shamelessly admitting that I am a Watcher. Not proud. But not ashamed either. 😛

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8. The Leaver
This one will leave on the drop of the hat. Any small argument, any little tiff and she is gone before we can say ‘voila!’. The best part is adding the person back to irritate them even more. It is even better when the person asks to be added back. That is a low lose brother!

9. The Spam Forwarder
It is understandable. If he did not share that message to 15 people and groups then something bad would have happened in the next 10 days. No kidding! Thats a lot of pressure.

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10. The Queen Bee
This girl has so many people and so many chats at the same time, she has no clue where she is answering what. Then there is the popular ‘Sorry, wrong chat’. Makes me tick every time.

11. The Plan Maker
Poor guy never gives up. Every plan of his has been dropped. He just never learns!

12. The Voice Noter
The Adele of the group. Only not quite. Someone needs to pop her little bubble where she plans to be a singer or a radio jockey. Hah!

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