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Indian Idol was a show that we just could not afford to miss. It was the biggest platform for singers who competed for weeks for audience votes in order to win the show. I must have spent a fortune on sms as a kid while voting for my favorite singer. It started at 2004 and since then it has been has been 14 years and 9 seasons. But these winners do have a tendency of getting lost after a year of their victory. Where are they? What have they been upto?

Read below to find out:

Season 1(2004-2005)
Winner: Abhijeet Sawant
Post his win in Indian Idol season 1, Sawant released his first album, ‘Aapka Abhijeet Sawant’. He went on to participate in Asian Idol where he was second runner-up and Clinic All Clear-Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar where he came second. He then did a few playback singing but his voice went unnoticed. Presently Sawant joined the Shiv Sena party to attract the youth of the country to join the fold.

Sawant wins Indian Idol 1
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Season 2(2005-2006)
Winner: Sandeep Acharya
This Rajasthani Idol winner became a hit as he recieved several awards. He was named ‘best new Bollywood talent’ in New Jersey, USA. He also won an award for ‘best upcoming male singer category’ as Siri Fort, New Delhi. But his fame and rise was short-lived. Acharya passed away following an ailment that caused jaundice on 15 December 2013. He was hurried to Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon close to New Delhi after his wellbeing crumbled. He was at a wedding in Bikaner when his circumstance declined and his relatives needed to surge him to the healing center, where he passed on. His more youthful sibling educated media on his passing,”Last night, doctors said his condition was under control and he was showing signs of recovery. We were all hoping we’d soon take him home. But nobody knew that he would leave us forever.”

Sandeep Acharya is Indian Idol 2
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Season 3(2007)
Winner: Prashant Tamang
Prashant who hailed from Darjeeling was part of a controversy. During his show, RJ Nitin from RED FM, Delhi commented, “shopkeepers will now have to make their own security arrangements as Gorkhas have taken to singing”. The Govenrment issued a notice against RED FM for the racial slur. After winning Indian Idol season 3, Tamang released his album ‘Dhanyavad’. He toured all over the world, singing in concerts. He also sang in a few Bollywood movies as a playback singer. Prashant started his acting career in Nepali films and gave us quite a few blockbusters like Gorkha Paltan, Nishani and Pardesi.

Prashant Tamang is Indian Idol 3
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Season 4(2008-2009)
Winner: Sourabhee Dabbarma
The first woman winner in the history of Indian Idol also holds a Guinness Book of World Record. She attempted to sing hanging upside down and beat the record of 3 minutes and 53 seconds as she sang for over 4 minutes. This Agartala girl won the hearts of all Indians after bring home a record of her own. She released an album, Meherbaan, according to an agreement with Sony. She additionally played out a couple of stage appears around the nation and abroad with Sony TV.

Sourabbhee Debbarma is Indian Idol 4
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Season 5(2010)
Winner: Sreerama Chandra Mynampati
Mynampati has won several awards and competitions post his win in Indian Idol. He went on to give us various bollywood hit songs such as Subhanallah and Tum Mile. He has won accredition after working with major music directors such as Pritam. Sreeram has sung in 7 different Indian languages including Telegu, Tamil and many more. He is currently performing in ETV’s show Swarabhishekam whish is telecasted between 6-9pm on Sundays.

Sreeram Chandra is Indian Idol 5 winner
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Season 6(2012)
Winner: Vipul Mehta
Vipul won the hearts of the judges and audience in the show but failed miserably after realeasing his debut album ‘Hello Namaste Sat Sri Akal’. He has sung a few Punjabi songs but nothing mainstream and commercial.

Vipul Mehta is Indian Idol 6 winner
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Season 7(2016-2017)
Winner: LV Revanth
LV Revanth, a South Indian Singer is a super hit in the music industry. After winning Indian Idol, he went on to win several other awards. Revanth has sung about 200 Tamil songs and is a big hit in the Tollywood industry. He also sang in ‘Baahubali’– ‘Manohari’, which won IIFA music award for ‘best playback singer male’.

LV Revanth is Indian Idol 7 winner
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