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Last year in November, an IPS officer D. Roopa was slapped with a 3 Cr defamation suit by a retired police official. D. Roopa, the Deputy Inspector Of General Prisons, for bringing him under false light of bribe allegations. Roopa reported that a bribe of 2 Cr had exchanged hands for preferential treatment of Sasikala, who was once a minister of Tamil Nadu.

“If a public representative is named in a FIR or accused, be it a MLA, MP or MLC, he cannot claim it as a privilege or there can’t be any privilege motion against the person who does it; yet unjustifiably I was slapped the notice,

I was made to appear infront of the privilege committee of the state legislature…”, said Roopa in a speech for TEDx Talks.

According to a study, 62% of the civil law enforcers in this country accept bribe as an active way of income. That is a horrible statistic considering that we put our safety and trust in the hands of these officials on a daily basis. About 31% members of political parties have criminal cases booked against them and yet we unable to see any strict actions taken against them as the senior police officials are ‘in their pockets’. The political scenario of India is the worst institution as far as corruption is concerned. From the telecom ministry extorting Rs. 1.7 trillion, to politicians convicted of rape, this country is named as the most corrupt country in Asia.

Officer Divakar Roopa, in her speech, spoke about the issues that lead most police officials to shy away from doing their job and how it leads them to accept bribe. The challenges she went through the entirety of her career will make you understand the dynamic of the police services in India.

Watch the whole speech:

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