from a father to a son

From a Father to his son.. We all teach our daughters and get her ready for this world. But do we teach our sons to be a good citizen and human being. While sexism is prevalent against women, men also have so many sexist comments against them but we fail to address that.

Dear son,

1. If you have to choose between compassionate and cute; choose compassionate.

2. Your brains are important, but it is equally important to pay heed to your heart.

3. Playing with feelings is never cool.

4. Figure out what you believe and stand up for it.

5. Respect everyone. Women, ofcourse! But even that effeminate guy in class is worth your respect.

6. Nothing about the LGBTQ community is hilarious or shameful.

7. Stand up for the little guy.

8. Physical fights do not prove your manliness.

9. Neither does hitting your woman.

10. It is absolutely okay to feel pain and cry sometimes. Remember that makes you human. Boys are allowed to cry. Don’t let anyone else tell you any different.

11. Be loyal to your friends. Be deeply loyal to your family. And Be fiercely loyal to truth.

12. Believe that your happiness depends only on you and does not come and go with a girl.

13. Dark is sexy. Fair is sexy. Short, fat, round or skinny; they all can be sexy.

14. Learn to appreciate more than appearances.

15. Take care of your skin. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing is not copyrighted only for women.

16. Neither is dance. Learn to dance.

17. Learn an art form.

18. Take care of your body. You do not need 8 packs but you need to be healthy.

19. Learn to take away lessons from everyone you have ever met.

20. Be true to yourself. Peer pressure is not worth taking bad decisions.

21. Think thrice before you speak something. Words can not be taken back.

22. A girl in short clothes is not an invitation for you to make a vulgar comment.

23. Girls in short clothes do not ask for harrassment.

24. Girls in short clothes deserve the same respect as a girl in sari.

25. Learn to put yourself in other people’s shoes before you make a move.

26. Drinking and driving is never commendable.

27. Ask a girl out. Date her. Ask her father’s permission. Then marry her. Do not just sleep with her.

28. Learn how to cook.

29. Household work is not a woman’s department. Its for everyone who live in the house.

30. Pain starts. But it ends too. Keep faith.

31. Even after marriage, a girl’s parents are still her parent’s.

32. Treat your in-laws the way you want your wife to treat your family.

33. Speak the truth.

34. Never judge a book by its cover.

35. Remember to regularly check the oil in your car, the batteries in your flashlight and the integrity in your character.

36. Learn to laugh at yourself.

37. Offer your seat to older people and pregnant ladies.

38. Before you use a sexist slang, remember your mother and sister and how they would react on hearing it.

39. Have a firm handshake.

40. Control your thoughts.

41. Roaming eyes on women is the worst thing your character can be.

42. Forgive freely, but learn from it. Do not forget.

43. All the best things in life is free and better when shared.

44. Nothing worth it is easy. Work hard.

45. You are not the center of the world. Don’t be selfish or narcissistic.

46. You are the center of my world though. Never forget that.

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