Interviews 101, strengths and weaknesses
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This is one question that we have all faced when in an interview. Strengths and weaknesses. As easy as it sounds, this is one of the trickiest questions. Before you take a paper to list down all the points, here are a few t hings you should keep in mind to give an apt answer.

Strengths: Grab this opportunity to advocate yourself so that the interviewer can take in account all your positive attributes that would help you do your job better.

1) Describe a strong quality you have. Try not to give words like ‘time-management’. They are basically code-words for ‘I don’t really know what I am good at.’
2) Try focusing on stregths that are suitable for the job description you have applied for. For example, if you have applied to a position of a merchandiser, you would probably need to talk about your negotiation skills or your decisiveness. Your knack of baking would not work here. Obviously!
3) Give concrete examples. If you are talking about negotiation skills, tell the interviewers about an incident where you have used your skill. Talk about how this skill and work had affected your previous company for the better.
4) Try explaining how you could use your skill for the role that you are interviewing for. Give examples of situations. This would show that you have done your study on the job profile as well as have the skills to manage the work that would be alotted to you.

Weaknesses: Prove that you are mindful and know you’re not impeccable (without walking into a trap). The interviewer wants to know your weekness not because they want to know if you can do it, but to see how honest you are. Fake answers can be easily detected, because seriously, these interviewers have met far too many people saying the same thing over and over again.

1) Firstly, try to understand why the interviewer is asking that queation. It could be to guage your genuineness or even to understand what extra help you would require incase they hire you.
2) Rather than using an attribute as your answer, utilize an aptitude. Dissimilar to an attribute, an ability is something that can without much of a stretch can be learnt with time, while attributes almost never change. Simply ensure the ability you answer this inquiry with isn’t one that is basic to the activity.
3) When you express your shortcoming and then catch up with a positive about how you’re either enhancing it or how you’re adjusting for it (as in the case above). Just express what’s actual, and after that stop talking! You never need to continue for a really long time while noting weeknesses regarding anything that places you in a negative light.
4) DO NOT TRY TO BULLSHIT your interviewer. It is a common practice for people to twist negative into positive traits. For example, if you say you are impatient, following it up with ‘that is why I do my work on time’ is not what you want to do. It sounds misleading and some interviewers see that as a negative trait too.
5) Finally, be ready with answers for any counter-questions the interviewer may ask regarding your weakness.

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If you manage to keep these in mind, nothing can go wrong with your answer! Impress away!

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