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IPhone users in India constitutes about 5.8% of the population. That is not saying much, in a population of 1.324 billion. Even the world has only 1% of their population using IPhone. Hence, the people who use it have a notion that they belong to a posh exclusive group. I don’t know what to call these people who think so; naive? snob? So any android user has atleast once rolled their eyes at a person who couldn’t stop bragging about their IPhone. These are a few things that IPhone users need to stop doing.

1. Holier than thou

IPhone users have a certain disdain for any other platform that is not iOS. Some people are so ignorant that they would treat a Mi 4 just like they would treat Galaxy S8. While the age old notion that the costlier the phone, the better the performance does not hold true for a lot of phones today, IPhone users just can’t seem to grasp that concept.

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2. “I use an IPhone”

“Bro may I use your charger?”. The expression of an IPhone user if you ask them this is disturbing. Its like the IPhone charger is a topic of pride for them. And frankly, who does not keep an android usb even at their place. Every other device except their charger would need an android usb. How do they charge their speakers? It serves them right when they can’t find a charger.

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3. They all become selfie freaks

The moment they buy an IPhone, suddenly mirror selfies are a thing for them. IPhone users play the selfie game like a pro. The way android users hype IPhones while taking groupfies or any picture for that matter is one of the root causes of this.

4. IPhone Covers

The worst phone covers in the history of phone covers are used by IPhone users. Furry, large silicone sacks, finger rings we’ve seen them all on IPhone covers. Some of them are outright idiotic. Some girls use covers that do not allow the phone to be kept anywhere other than shopping bags. They’re so large that putting it in a pocket is not an option. Looks like a damn tablet in your hands people! Be classy, sassy but let idiocy go!

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5. Vintage Phones

Some people would call android out-dated just because they can’t use FaceTime. I kid you not. Someone needs to slap some senses to these blokes. Apple devices are powerful, no doubt; but it common knowledge that android technology is far ahead than iOS. Phones like OnePlus 5T and Galaxy S8 are stealing the show in the market today. Educate yourselves guys!

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6. “May I Have Your Attention Please. Will All IPhone Users Please Stand Up?”

It is adorable how fellow IPhone users suddenly act like brothers from different mothers. Its like a cult they’ve formed. How they just love sitting and talking about talking about their phones like old wives would talk about their children.

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These were the few of the things my friends tell me they get annoyed with. Dear IPhone users, take heed please.

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