paranormal cases of ed and lorraine warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren were made famous among today’s generation by James Wan in his movie ‘The Conjuring’. Post which, the cases fought by Ed and Lorraine Warren came under limelight. The couple are known to be demonologists, lecturers, paranormal investigators and occult museum owners. Their museum is situated in the basement of their house where numerous possessed and demonic things are kept and sealed.

See the Shadow doll that can come to you in your dreams, and stop your heart! See the Satanic Idol found in the deep woods of Connecticut, the Conjuring mirror used for summoning spirit, the Vampire’s coffin used by a modern day vampire, Bare witness to a Ragedy-Ann doll which is responsible for a death of a young man, and multiple attacks on those who once mockingly came in contact, See Masks used as a Topa for Diabolical projection, Child Tomb stones that were used as Satanic Alters, a Famous Organ that plays by itself. You will also see Psychic Photography, Pictures that would combust, and Crucifixes that were malevolently thrown from walls and desecrated, Egyptian, and African cursed items,, Death curses, a Shrunken head, Possessed toys and animals, Voodoo, Fertility and other Killer dolls!

While several people have been skeptical about the Warrens’ work as ‘blarney’, the couple stick to their beliefs. The New England Skeptical Society(an educational organization that promotes science and reason) said that the Warrens have pre-determined conclusions that they adhere to with the help of loose knit evidence and stories.
And yet here we are, watching the films based on their life works and damn well believing in it. Let us take a look at their most famous works over the years.

  • Annabelle Doll

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The raggedy Ann doll named Annabelle is the Warrens’ most famous possession. This doll was given to a nursing student by her mother. At first all was normal, until odd things started happening. The doll seemed to be moving from its place and also left notes for the nurses. Annabelle took a particular interest in the fiancee of one of the nurses as he claimed that he woke up frozen, one night as Annabelle crawled up his body and tried to strangle him. Another such incident had occurred when the fiancee entered a dark room and later found scratches on his stomach and Annabelle on the floor. After constant failed efforts to get rid of the doll, the Warrens were involved, who performed a blessing to cast away the demon and took the doll off of the women’s lives. Annabelle remains in the Occult Museum to this day, behind glass where she cannot harm anyone.

  • Amityville Horror

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The Amityville case has a never-ending line of film franchise. It is the most famous Warren case. The Warrens were involved in the case by the Lutz family after they moved into a colonial house in Amityville, Long Island. Only a year before that, the house was witness to mass murder by Ronald DeFeo Jr. of his family of 6. The Lutzes lived in the house for 28 days during which they experienced weird incidents.
From unexplained voices, swarm of flies, welts and levitation of family members, banging noises and other such horrific scenarios. The Warrens brought along a photographer during the cleansing, when they recorded a small boy with glowing eyes. Lorraine Warren claimed that the Amityville case was the most bloodcurdling case that still haunts her.

  • The Perron Family

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The story behind James Wan’s box-office hit ‘The Conjuring’. The Perons, roger, Carolyn and their 5 daughters moved to a 200 acre house in Rhode Island. The house was inhabited by Bathsheba Thayer, who was hung herself after the death of her 4 children. Thayer haunted the family, often playing with the children and even made full appearances. Carolyn Perron was most affected as Bathsheba Thayer seemed jealous of her for her role as a mother and wife. Carolyn was pinched and slapped by the ghost numerous times while Roger was sexually harrassed several times by the ghost. The Warrens were asked to help but the situation aggravated with their presence. In the movie ‘The Conjuring’, Lorraine Warren was a consultant and even made a cameo appearance.

  • The Werewolf

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In Essex, England, Ramsey was a small boy who was one day suddenly overcome by rage. His nostrils had flared as he uprooted the fences and gnawed at wire mesh. The Warrens believed that he was possessed by a demon who manifested as a wolf. Ramsey then grew up without any episodes until the ’60s. He was married and initially all was okay. Then he would wake up to pants of an animal which he realized came from himself. Bill Ramsey showed inhuman strength, bared teeth, curled hands and hunched shoulders. He once even attacked a friend’s car. He later asked to be locked inside a cell for his own protection and for protecting other humans. The Warrens after getting the scent of the story, traveled there and invited Bill to their house where they performed a recorded exorcism.

  • The Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson

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This was the first ever case where a defense was that Johnson was possessed by a devil. Johnson’s brother-in-law woke up in the summer of 1980 to “a man with big black eyes, a thin face with animal features and jagged teeth, pointed ears, horns, and hoofs.”  David had unexplained bruises and scratches, due to which Arne turned to a group of priests. This angered the entity and apparently made David hiss in multiple voices and chant Paradise Lost. Ed and Lorraine Warren were called in, who along with the Bridgeport Diocese carried out an exorcism, post which David had recovered. Then one day, Arne, his to-be wife, David and landlord Alan Bono went to dinner, where Arne stabbed Bono multiple times with a pocket knife. In court, Arne claimed that the devil had possessed him and made him do the unthinkable.
In an interview with the People’s Magazine, Lorraine Warren was quoted saying, “While Ed interviewed the boy, I saw a black, misty form next to him, which told me we were dealing with something of a negative nature. Soon the child was complaining that invisible hands were choking him—and there were red marks on him. He said that he had the feeling of being hit.”

  • Enfield Poltergeist

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Though it is claimed that the Warrens were not really invited to the scene in, the couple was convinced that it was a demonic haunting. Peggy Hodgson, along with her four children experienced weird noises and watched furniture move by itself. A policeman also claimed that he saw a chair move without anyone touching it. Though it is predicted that this was not really a haunting but a group of over-active children with a wide imagination, paranormal investigators were convinced that though some of it may be fake and ventriloquism, other parts were genuine and the work of a demon. The Enfield Poltergeist was the inspiration for the movie ‘The Conjuring 2’.

While most of us take these incidents as just entertainment and movies, there is definitely a dimension where these entities definitely exist. So what do you think. Are these stories by the Warrens true or sheer malarkey?

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