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25 year old dies while taking a selfie

Selfie-craze has becoming a widespread phenomena in the past decade. From drowning, electrocution to falling of cliffs and Wonders of the World, the world has seen it all. Even after numerous deaths on the tracks of a train, 25 year old student from Warangal, RK Shiva Kumar lost his life to a speeding train. The debacle happened in Hyderabad at the Borabanda Railway station track. The man allegedly ignored the endless honking by the pilot of the train which should have cautioned him about the threat.

The man was taken to a hospital in Ligampally after the incident. He had several fatal injuries. The Indian Ralways act 147 which states that the man could be charged with a fine of Rs 1000 or a 6 months imprisonment or both, was slapped on the man.

(Please note: The video contains graphic content and may be disturbing)


Another video which went viral also had a guy, lying face on the train tracks while a train passed over him. While such a video would easily win applaud from the world, the youth today misses the point that such behavior is a moronic move. The need for adrenaline is not reason enough to play with life in such a manner. Check out the video:

These people also fail to understand that such videos might inspire other people to try the same, and while they were lucky, the other might not be so.
The list of selfie-related deaths have increased dramatically over the years. People have become more and more daring.

On 26th of August 2017, a guy was electrocuted by a live wire while he was trying to take selfies on the train carraige. July saw two such deaths– while taking a selfie on a train. A tourist allegedly fell to her death from the Taj Mahal! These freak events should be a warning for all those daredevils who live by the motto “Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai”.

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