Welcome to the month of March
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Welcome to the month of March. It is that time when the cruel winter is over and Spring has wrapped its warm flowery arm around us. The sun shines warm as the wind blows cold. When a baby is born, we wonder what the baby would be like. I know it is hard to accept, but the basic personality traits of your baby does depend on the time and month he is born in. March borns are either Pisces or Aries. So what is a March born baby really like?

March borns are generally whimsical and very moody. They are people who could hold grudges and remember someone’s fault for a long time. They take time to forgive and forget. They are not mentally resistent and have greater chances of falling into depression. Their thoughts could be their greatest enemy.

Deal with the whimsical moods of a March born
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These people are highly intuitive. People born in march are hard to fool. Thanks to their intuitiveness, they can smell out any cheats or scams that anyone may be plotting. As a March born myself, I do get wind of anything that seems fishy but I would never out my doubts. I would rather let the other person think he or she is fooling me before I beat them at their own game. *wink wink*
Intuition 101

From personal experience, I would say that the most precious thing for a March born is their calm and unperturbed ‘me’ time. We do not always need people to be around. Personal space is a very underrated luxury.

Understand what is personal space for a March Born
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They think. They think a lot. They think all the time. Do not doubt the move of a March born. Every decision may not be the right one, but make no mistake, they have given it lots of thought. What they do may seem rash, but it really isn’t.

March borns are exceptionally faithful. I am not saying there aren’t exceptions. Because lets be honest, every apple tree has a few rotten apples. For them trust is important. They may not trust blindly, but you can trust them wildly. They stick to their partners or loved ones through the highs and lows. They may not agree with your decision and life choices, but they’re still there. Even after a fight, most March borns can be trusted to keep your secret. They will take it to their grave. I know I will.

Michaelangelo, Queen Latifah, Chris Martin, Julia Styles, Rani Mukherji, Jim Parsons, Adam Lavine, Ansel Elgort, Amir Khan, Eric Clapton. Need I name more? March borns are generally multi-talented people. Especially in the world of music. March born babies have ruled the world when it came to strike a tune.

Sheldon Cooper Quotes
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They adapt like chameleons. People born in march are more flexible than most people. This is probably what makes them a strong nut. As long as their basic needs are fulfilled, a march born can live with almost anything. They don’t need canopies and a butler.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome
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A march born is stubborn when it comes to getting what they want. Most of it has to do with their goals. If you tell them they can’t. Trust me; they will show you how bloody well they did. But if you do not appreciate them for their good work, they WILL lose interest. A march born loves his merit and hence would rather work as a one man army.

A Pisces is more emotional and compassionate while the Aries person is one with a very strong character and could tend to be difficult at times. But on the other hand, when an Aries realizes his/her mistake, the person will the be the first to apologize about it. They generally do not feel small when they say sorry.

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