texting in school

Cell phones are known to distract. In school, we weren’t allowed to bring our phones with us, but in college, it is common and in fact necessary. While most professors have a strict rule against using a phone during a lecture, boredom or lack of interest may sometimes lead to a little bit of texting and a little bit of social media. And yet sometimes, there might have been an emergency, due to which the student might have been using his phone. But understanding students is not a strong suit for a lot of teachers.

A lecturer in PES Institute of Technology showed utmost displeasure when he found two students using a phone, a OnePlus 5t. The lecturer not only humiliated the two in front of the class, but he found it fair to teach the students a lesson by hurling his phone into the ground.

The student who seemingly felt sorry, also claimed that the phone was brand new and kept apologizing to the lecturer, who kept throwing his phone repeatedly with absolute intentions to break it.

An overreaction the size of Texas, the students of the college claim that this lecturer is known to have a bad temper in and outside the class(comments on YouTube. Sources aren’t verified). Rather than such reactions, it is better that hard and fast rules be made against keeping phones with oneself during class.

After the PESIT protest when an engineering student had committed suicide without leaving a note, does PESIT need any more news or controversy surrounding its name?

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