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We all know what poetry is all about. The musings of people who have a need to understand life more deeply. But slam poetry? It is all the rage in today’s world. Slam poetry is basically written by artists about thoughts triggered by real-life incidents and mostly written in the heat of the moment. Slam poets not only write but perform their poetry in front of an audience with added music, lights and costumes. Slam poetry has a way of making us feel what the poet is feeling. They can give you goosebumps and make you question the reason of your existence.

While there are many budding poets today, one such slam poet stole my heart. Kalki Koechlin. She is my inspiration to raise my voice and tell the world about everything that is not acceptable. She is fearless and has absolutely stunning use of words in all of her poetry.

Today I thought of sharing a couple of them with you guys. Her poetry will make you open your eyes, and see question everything you thought was okay and truly fill you with fire to bring about the change that is needed.

The Printing Machine

“Chrr tak tak taka daka tak, chree, goes the steady printing machine,” she begins before launching herself in to a tirade of the media and how it continuously desensitizes the world against the horrific incidents against women. From the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape case to 3-year olds being molested by politicians. She talks about how the world would fall under the mercy of the printing machine.

Dear Men

“Namaste, I am a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Sikh, an athiest. I am 20, 30, 40 and 50. I am single, married, divorced and half the country.”
This one make me burn in a raging fire of change. Kalki, in her poem, talks about all the hypocrisy and atrocities that women all over the country face. She talks to the patriarch about the suffocation women feel. She pleads with them to look at women as a human and not as the ‘fairer sex’. “I am a stereotype, a trophy, a prisoner of patriarchy. I am a woman in the Indian Society, and I am not yet free”
I still get goosebumps even as I write. This masterpiece should be the world anthem of feminism and change. Watch it here:

These are the kind of poem that makes me need in these times.

Hey. I am Sagarika. I hail from the City of Joy. Though I have graduated as an engineer, writing has always been my calling. What had started as a weird Paragraph at an essay writing competition, has now turned into an all time passion for me. Though the entire world is my muse, dogs are my favourite form of life.


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