world admiring invention originally from India

In today’s world, we all want imported products. Food, clothes, gadgets and even language. The world owes a lot of its progress to Indians. Medicine, mathematics, science and even games; Indians have proved to be the change to the world since the first civilizations of the world. As a tribute to India’s 68th Republic Day, lets look at all the things that India holds pride over.

1. Yoga

Yoga is all the rage in the world. Nobody till date could really explain the science behind yoga, but it has always been known as a magical tonic. Yoga has the answer for every problem be it mental or physical.Yoga has been in India for over 5000 years.

2. Zero

India was among the first to use the symbol ‘0’ (zero). Earlier than that zero was depicted as a space or a dot. Aryabhatta, an Indian mathematician first invented the symbol for 0. Post this, Pingala first described the Binary number system back in 2000 BC.

3. Buttons

Buttons are an integral part of our clothes now. But did you know it was first discovered by the Mohenjo Daro civilization? The people used to wear buttons as an ornamentation. Today, Prada, Armani and all other clothing brands use buttons as an indispensible part of their products.

4. Chess

Vishwanathan Anand is India’s very own chess grandmaster who has made India proud by being World Champion for years and even after that. But did you know, Chess was invented by Indians? Chaturanga, the precursor of chess was originally played by the Gupta dynasty. Later it started gaining fame in the middle eastern countries. Today it has it’s own world championship and several other competitions held all over the world, even in Hogwarts if I may add.

5. Medicines and Surgery

Ayurveda is the first form of medicine to ever be used in the world. It has its origin linked to the Father of Medicines– Charaka. Indians were also known pioneers of plastic surgery. It had started around the year 200 BCE. Yes, that is how early Indians had started such surgeries. The cataract surgery was also found in India. Who would’ve known right?

6. Flush Toilets

The Indian style or the western style, all toilets have one thing in common. It has a water flush. Water flushes date back to the Indus Valley Civilization. While sanitation is one of the largest problems faced by the world, the Indians handled it like a BOSS back then. So next time you poop, make sure to thank our ancestors while you flush.

7. Cotton

Cotton is the most sought after cloth material in the world and India takes credit for it. Cotton was first used in the Indus Valley Civilization. The cotton wheel is also invented by Indians. Muslin and calico are other types of cloth that originated in India. Basically, we helped clothe the world. Where would all these clothing brands be if cotton was never discovered?

8. Ludo, Snakes and Ladder

These two have always been hand-in-hand since we and our fathers and our grandfathers were children. Ludo, originating sometime in the 6th century has its depictions in the Ajanta caves. Snakes and Ladder (Vaikunta Pali) was originally played as a game of morals. Later in the 20th century, the British took this game back to their country.

9. Rulers

Metal ruler, plastic ruler, 6 inches long or 12 inches long, rulers that bend and rulers which curl around our wrist, we have seen it all. Rulers were first made of ivory and could be found in the Indus Valley Cilvilization. Archaeologists found rulers calibrated to 1/16th of an inch. Along with rulers, weighing scales were also first used in the Indus Valley Civilization.

10. Trigonometry

We have all faced the wrath of trigonometry in school. Trigonometry was the bane of my existence. All the sines and cosines, but who would have known that trigonometry is actually a sanskrit world and was first used in India?

11. Shampoo

Shampoo got it’s name from ‘Champo’ , a kind of oil that the Nawabs of Bengals used to apply. Today, shampoo comes in all forms and sizes. It is an integral part of our daily lives which make our hair manageable and basically awesome!

12. Diamond Mining

Yes folks. Almost 5000 years ago, Indians were the first to mine diamonds in central India. India used to be the only diamond suppliers until other mines in Brazil was found.

13. The Decimal Number System and Quadratic Equations

The decimal numbering system was the harbinger of the Arabic Number system which dated back to 1 BCE. Bramhagupta was the first person to find the general solution of a quadratic equation back in the 7th century. Genius!

India has always kicked ass in every field. This is a small list, while India has umpteen inventions to her name. This republic day, lets hold our heads high and chests out for everything that makes India what she is now.

Happy Republic Day to all!

Hey. I am Sagarika. I hail from the City of Joy. Though I have graduated as an engineer, writing has always been my calling. What had started as a weird Paragraph at an essay writing competition, has now turned into an all time passion for me. Though the entire world is my muse, dogs are my favourite form of life.


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