Last Letter
The Last Letter

This is a letter from a wife to her husband, her last letter, to let him know, that she is abandoning him. He was the most honest, trustworthy, and caring and loving guy that world has ever known, that if there was ever a prize for the perfect husband, he wouldn’t even have a close competitor. She knows that if there is anything that would make her smile, he wouldn’t even think of it, he would just do it. Then why would she have to leave him?

My songs are just little letters to me

Dear Jaan

Firstly I request your apology for having to break to you the news this way. I have been trying to tell you and have been thinking of ways for days now, but considering the terrible liar that I am, I can’t keep pretending to be somewhere, that I am not.

I figured out that there is no easy way to do this, so here it is- Your unconditional love has kept me going all this while, but I can’t ruin your life by not returning what you deserve. You were everything I always wanted; Mr Perfect, I always dreamt of while growing up as a girl, obviously with some fringe benefits/features 😉

You were the least expectant person to enter my life, and yet you created pure magic. Maybe it was me, who was never right for you, for somewhere, I was reluctant to try and be a good partner to you. And hence, today, I am giving you freedom Jaan, freedom from disappointments against your minimalistic expectations.  I am sorry, I am leaving you.

Clearly you’re clouded with a hurricane of questions to I which I do not have an answer right now. Had I stayed to tell you the same in person, you would have stopped me and promised to deal with my tangled heart, together. But what I realized was, you can’t keep fighting all your life, the cynic in me with your hopefulness. Negativity should never overshadow positivity. That’s the basic rule of a balanced life and who am I to defy it.

No words that I put here would be able to justify my act, to pacify the void that you feel now. Neither do I know where I am going with this. But I want you to know, that I have been true to the only two promises I made to you: Your parents would continue to hold the highest form of respect in my heart, and all the time I have spent with you, there has never been another man I have felt for, the way I feel for you.

I only want happiness for you.

Take care

Sincerely yours

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