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No two are the same. We’re all unique in some way or the other. Some of our habits and likes may or may not match with others. So here are a few hilarious illustrations that tell the kind of people that inhabit this planet.


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I think this is the most common way that people are distinguished by. How deep is your sleep? There are people who wake up at the sound of a needle and then there are those who need to be jolted awake several times before they come back to life.


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I absolutely envy those people who eat a tonne but weigh like a dime. There are times that I feel that breathing air was making me fat. Its especially troublesome if you are not a gym person. And then your friend, who basically eats like a mini elephant, and yet still can sport that skin-tight tiny black dress you so wanted to wear. Metabolism, why you do this?


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There is an actual adage which goes like, “Life is too short to eject device.” Some of us are staunch believers of this. Just yank it out like a bandage. I do not really trust those who actually take the effort to eject device before pulling out the pendrive. “Where do you get all that patience bruh?”


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Haha. This is something we all do but no one would tell. Most of us would first look at the prices before ordering anything. It is kind of human instinct, unless ofcourse you are born with a silverspoon shoved in your mouth. It really is nothing to be ashamed of. It is quite common. And its okay if you want to act otherwise. *wink*


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This is easy. Some of us are lazy, others are not. I have met a lot of people who clean their messages and mailboxes as a pastime; while they travel to work, while they wait for their cab on the road, while they are ignoring people and sometimes also while they poop, incase they had already surfed through the newest feed on Facebook.


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I have a friend, who never picked up my call during the whole time we have been friends. 4 years. Not because she was ignoring me, but because her damn phone was on silent mode. It is frustrating to a different level when I try to reach her on the phone for an emergency and she won’t pick up. These kind of people just keep the phone on silent mode eternally, I have no clue why. Perhaps they hate sound; perhaps letting others know that they get calls on their phone is not who they are.


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I am a coke person. And yes I do understand the difference. Easily! Coca-cola is sweeter and is much easier on the throat. Pepsi is sweet, but in a bitter way. You getting what I’m saying? No? Well I guess there are two kinds of people. Those who understand the difference between pepsi and coke and those who don’t.


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This used to happen when we were kids. The Ole cream that (Brittania claims) they use to make bourbon biscuits is to die for. I still do not have a clue what Ole cream is, but whatever it is, it is delish.


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I am not much of a texter. So sometimes if I decide to text someone and the other person starts ranting, I immediately regret it. I would definitely like to hear if your day went bad, but I’d hate to read about it. Hey, I got enough books I do not have time to read, and you expect me to read and review what you text in that obnoxious language you use?
I think I will pass.


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The crust is the best part. People who don’t eat the crust, why don’t you just stuff some olives and cheese in your face and call it pizza?


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This category definitely makes it or breaks it for me when I choose my friend. It is absolutely okay to be cat person. They’re nice. I don’t care if you are nicknamed as bipolar, but if you aren’t also a dog person, I’m sorry I can’t be friends with you, or talk to you, or breathe the same air as you. DIEEE!!!

Hey. I am Sagarika. I hail from the City of Joy. Though I have graduated as an engineer, writing has always been my calling. What had started as a weird Paragraph at an essay writing competition, has now turned into an all time passion for me. Though the entire world is my muse, dogs are my favourite form of life.


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