Get rid of the video app! video is a another trend that this generation cannot get over. It was launched in August 2014 and since then it has been almost 4 years and the rage is larger than ever. The basic concept of it is the users can record videos upto 1 minute and then join it to other songs, sounds or even dialogues.

A lot like dubsmash. Which is kind of obsolete now. Thank God for that. Today if I dare to open my instagram story feed or snapchat or even Facebook, I’d see it everywhere. has infected them. has got them hooked and by the balls. Some of them even take it as their full time job! It is sad really.

So I decided to make a list of the things I’d rather do than make a video.

1) Everyone should grab some food. Am I the only one to accept that the first thing that comes to my mind when I am bored and alone is food? Don’t deny it. All of us go to our fridge, open it, bend down and look for something interesting. And then return back to our positions in sheer disappointment.

2) We should binge on our favorite series or maybe even try a new one. Ofcourse after we didn’t get the food, only the TV remote gives us some solace. A funny sitcom or even watching an entire season of Suits is not really a bad idea.

3) Sing Karaoke. Do you know how you sound screaming at the top of your lungs while you have your headphones on? Well, you don’t have to. Just, sing away!

4) Test your culinary skills. Practice how these masterchefs do a great flambe. Maybe try making Boeuf Bourguignon, whatever that is. Cooking is a very important skill anyway. Master it!

5) Treat yourself with spa or maybe a body massage. This is a delightful idea. The way that the knots open and the way they apply pressure at exactly the right point. hmm…

Take a spa day off
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6) Read a book. I know this is coming from a reader and not everyone is going to want to try to this one. Read a book anywa. It could be a novel, short stories, the encyclopedia.

7) Talking of encyclopedias, educate yourselves. Go through the newspaper or even through posts on google news or even open quora. It can be a fun and yet enlightening time for you.

8) Workouts may not be everyone’s cuppa. It definitely isn’t mine. But during the time that your mid tells you to pick up your phone and make another, try out a new workout regime. Zumba, pilates, yoga, whatever suits you.

9) Do an errand. At no point of time does any of us have all our work complete. You either need to go grocery shopping, or fix a light bulb, unclog the kitchen sink. Something always comes up.

10) Shopping. Girls know how shopping is the end to all problems and also the beginning to bigger problems, like being broke. But men need some of that too. Boys go find yourself a nice little polo t-shirt to buy. Feel the fuzzy warmth starting in your abdomen and spreading around your whole body.

Shopping is always the answer
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11)  Take an IQ test. Most of us would just assume our IQ and never really have the guts to check it. What if it is below 100? You ask yourself. Do it already! You don’t need to tell anyone.

12) Tour a sightseeing place. For people living in cities like Delhi and Mumbai have so much to see in the city. Most people do not see all the things there are to see even when they are about to retire. It is a shame.

13) Be your own accountant. Sit down with the ledger and update your finances and expenses for the week. Do something that makes you a bit richer. Like a PPF or a recurring fixed deposit. You will never not have anything! Figure out your savings. Retirement may seem an eternity away but start working for it right now.

14) Call someone. Anyone you may want to talk to. It could be family, friend, even long lost class mate. Check in with each other.

15) The oldest trick in the book. Take a damn walk. It happens in every movie ever. The brooding protagonist is so exasperated that he decides to take a walk through the rain. The camera mysteriously follows him everywhere like a pug in the vodafone ad. You won’t have a camera, but the walk is going to be just as pleasant. Can’t promise about the rain either!

Text the one you wanted to date
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16) Decorate your home. I do this a lot. Put some cynical new poster on your wall, or decorate the room with different colored lights. Everything works.

17) Create a bucket list. Your imagination can go as far as it wants to. Its a bucket list! I have one wish which says “Have apt background music playing while you give an emotional yet lengthy monologue”. I forgot I sucked at Slam Poetry.

18) Move around the city and act like a foreigner. Notice the change in behavior of everyone around you. Trust me it is more fun than it sounds. It can even get pretty hilarious.

19) Start learning a new language. Never mind if you continued learning tomorrow. But start a free online course.

20) Text that girl or boy you have been wanting to ask out from a very long time. Maybe take a glass of whiskey neat and then give him/her the call. The rest will flow into place on its own.

Take a walk to clear your mind
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21) Delete the app. Its been too long and it does take up a lot of phone memory.

22) Sit down and think of some start-up plan. You and I we both know we’re not Zuckerberg. But hey, you never know right? God has weird ways to work.

23) Organize and reorganize your wardrobe and desk. They always have a way of disorganizing themselves every two weeks or so. Make DIY organizing hacks come true in the real world. I always feel very special when I am able to do something like that.

24) Try to figure out your thing. Your mantra! What is it that you follow everyday and it is instilled in your inner core self? Figure that out and you are kind of set in th self-realization department.

25) Drink a tall glass of water and go to sleep. This is if neither of the above 24 ideas worked.

If nothing works, go to sleep
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