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Do you lose things on a regular basis too? Sometimes, it just seems like most things have their own little pair of legs. You just saw it sometime back, and yet you cannot remember where or when. There are people who tell you to search the last place you saw it; if only remember where you saw it exactly.
There are these gaps in your memory. Sometimes you are even speculating about some rare brain disease that you have that might be the root cause of you losing and forgetting your things on a regular basis.
There have been so many times when I thought I have that thing in my purse but when I reach home I never seem to find it. Some people tell me I’d lose my head if it wasn’t stuck to my neck. Maybe!
So here is a list of things that you keep losing and you would totally relate to it!

1. Keys. That is the most important thing if you want to get into your home, car or even your closet. Keys are one thing that I misplace without fail. I remember buying three new locks in a span of 10 days because I kept losing my set of keys every other day. I don’t even understand how some people roam around with their car keys hung on their finger. They keep it and actually remember to pick it up before leaving. That is not a risk I would be willing to take.
2. ID cards or metro cards. In my college, we had to pay five hundred bucks for every time we lose our cards to issue a new one. Guess how many five hundred bucks I gave away in the span of four years. It is an amount I wouldn’t want to let my father know. Also, I probably own 8 Delhi metro cards; I cannot find even one of them when I do need to travel. So next time I get on the metro, I will have bought my ninth metro card. No kidding!
3. Earphones. There is an embarrassing number of earphones that I have lost since I started using phones. Every time I manage losing the new one, I’d never have the guts to tell my parents that I had lost them. Instead, I conveniently put the blame on my friends and their hooliganism. I accept it! And I am not proud of it.
4. Bottles. It does not matter if I am carrying it to college or if it is just kept at home I WILL LOSE MY BOTTLES. It is annoying. Every place I go I say to my self, “now where did I leave my bottle?”
5. Pens and pen caps. Parkers and Pierre Cardins are a strict NO-NO for me. If I haven’t already lost the pen, I would definitely lose the cap of the pen and at the end of the day render it useless. It is a real pain to lose each and every pen.
6. Shades. Okay I do not exactly lose it, but I definitely break them within two months of buying them. Then I decided that I would not buy Ray Bans ever again. I cried when I sat on my first pair. After that I sat on three other pairs. Then I just decided to use an umberella.
7. Hair pins and ties. I may have bought a 100 pack of hair ties. But it would take me a week in average to lose them all. Poof! Vanish! It is like a David Blane magic trick that I want to decipher.
8. Chargers. The most risky thing to lose. It is my nightmare that I’d lose my charger and my phone would lie dead. You know what scares me more? When my mother finds my phone switched off. It literally takes mothers about 3 minutes to decide that their child has been abducted.
9. Remote. TV remotes are pesky little things. They have a way of getting under the sheets even when you clearly remember keeping it somewhere in your sights. Then all you have to do is get up and ransack you whole bed, find the remote in a corner under the sheets. Then you have to carefully make your bed again and then sit down. After 5 minutes, repeat the whole procedure once again!
10. Purse. Studies say that 90% people have lost their purse/wallet at least once in their lifetime. I did make that statistic. But seriously, what is it with the most important things in our bags that we keep losing all the time!
11. Socks. People who find two socks of the same pair at once are genius. They are from a different world. I have a good mind to install trackers on each sock. Then I realized, it would be cheaper to just buy a new pair.

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