You did not know Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, a German politician and a dictator that the world will never forget. He is best known for his Nazi party and anti-Jewish schemes. He was the mind and hand behind the Holocaust and also known to initiate the Second World War with the invasion of Poland.

What made Hitler ‘Hitler’?

Adolf Hitler was a German soldier during the first World War. After the World War I ended with the Treaty Of Versailles, Hitler rose to fame for attacking the treaty that insulted the Germans to their core. He was made Chancellor of Germany as he led a movement that was for pan-Germanism. But didn’t it ever occur to you what it was to know Hitler deeper than what our history books told us? Here are a few facts about Hitler that most do not know!
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  • Hitler had his longest relationship with Eva Braun.
eva braun and hitler
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  • After Mussolini’s capture, Eva and Hitler were married for 36 hours only before he shot himself and Eva bit into a cyanide capsule.
  • Hitler’s skull was recovered by the Soviets. Upon study, the skull was found to be of a 30 year old woman!
  • Who knew Hitler wanted to become a comedian? In 2012, his novel: Er ist wieder da (He’s back again) was published. In the story, Hitler was reborn in modern Berlin with no recollection of 1945, the holocaust, nazis or anything. He went on to become a comedian. Haha!
Hitler's novel
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  • Hitler was once in a gas attack during the World War I. Despite this giving him a perennial sore throat, Hitler was an amazing orator, moving people and worlds with his words.
  • Hitler was Time Magazine’s ‘Man of The Year’  of 1938!
Hitler was times man of the year
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  • During World War I, a British soldier showed sympathy to a German soldier(Hitler) and spared his life. Adolf Hitler knew no compassion though.
  • Hitler had only one testicle. To get things hot and heavy with his woman, Hitler would inject himself with bull semen. What a cow!
  • Inspite of his hatred of Jews, Hitler had protected a ‘Noble Jew’, a doctor, who had not charged Hitler during an economic hardship. The doctor was of Jewish-Austrian origin.
  • Hitler had phobia of cats! He loved his guns though.
  • The most cruelest dictators of all time had a sweet tooth. He loved chocolates so much that he ate almost a kg of chocolate a day.
  • Hitler was anti-smoking and anti-alcohol. He had the most effective anti-smoking movement back in the 1930s.
  • He was also a vegetarian. He hated cruelty towards animals and instated several laws against it.
  • Hitler was  a confusing man. He hated alcohol and tobacco, but he was known to be on around 80  types of drugs. Some of them were prescription as he had chronic gastric disorders.
  • Hitler was a car aficionado. Though he never learnt how to drive. He boosted the creation of Volkswagen and his favorite was Ford because of his anti-semitic thinking.
  • During his time in prison, Hitler wrote to Mercedes, begging for a car loan.

  • Hitler had the German cosmetic industry close down gradually after a war economy was set up in 1943. He did not shut it down instantly because he did not want to upset his love Eva Braun. How considerate of him!
  • Most people would think he is German, but Hitler was actually born in Austria.
  • The only races that Hitler thought above his own were the Chinese and Japanese.
  • 42 attempts were made for Hitler’s life during his lifetime.
  • Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden share the same death anniversary. 1st of May.
  • Hitler wrote an autobiography ‘Mien Kampf’. During his time, the book was free to couples.
Hitler's autobiography
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  • Till date, the proceeds of Hitler’s books are given to charity. Though the publishers find it difficult for NGOs to accept this money as it was stained with blood.
  • Hitler did give other super-powers like the U.S and Britain, a chance to take away the Jews from Germany. They refused. After that the Holocaust begun. Who can blame him?
  • Hitler blew up the home of his Nephew by accident. In 1939, his nephew wrote an article ‘Why I Hate My Uncle’. Later after that, the Nephew immigrated to the U.S and fought against Hitler’s troops. Family drama much?
Hitler's nephew talks
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  • The Eiffel Tower was inaugurated the same day as Hitler was born. Ironically, the French Resistance stopped Hitler from visiting the Eiffel Tower by cutting its elevator cables during his visit while Paris fell.
  • Hitler was not the best citizen of Germany. He was caught on several occasions due to tax evasion. Hitler later forced the Tax department to conveniently exempt him from taxation.
  • Hitler’s home address: Wilhelmstraße 77, Berlin.
  • It is creepy how Hitler’s death ground is now a children’s play ground. He had shot himself there in his time.
  • Swastika in place of stars on top of a Christmas tree? The Nazis tried to make Christmas a holiday to celebrate Hitler. Needless to say, they were unsuccessful in their venture.
  • Adolf Schicklgruber, does not have the same ring as Hitler. His father changed his name to Hitler about 13 years before he was born. Adolf Hitler was ever thankful of his father for that. Though it is still unknown why his father changed the name in the first place.
  • Hitler lost the elections during his time. The Nazi party had then formed a coalition and had demanded of the president that Hitler be made the chancellor.
  • At the age of 4, Hitler was saved by a priest from drowning. Thereafter, Hitler wanted to become a priest as a boy. It is needless to say that he tried to play God later on in his life.
Hitler as a child
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  • Hitler had hands at killing over 1.1 million children during the Holocaust. Concentration camps were made to mistreat and torture the Jews. Though Hitler seemed to have a weak stomach as he never visited a concentration camp in his life.
  • Hitler had banned the Nobel prize. Instead he started a similar prize for the Germans.

Having read all that, will it be hard for you to accept that he was nominated for the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ in 1939! Yep, you heard that right!

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