Society watching as woman flogged publically
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A recent news piece has gone viral. A videos of a woman being flogged in public had been passed all around Uttar Pradesh. A lady was supposedly fixing to a tree and flagellated out in the open by her significant other on a town panchayat’s request for eloping with another man in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr locale, police said on Thursday.

The lady’s husband, a previous panchayat head and his son were captured after a video of the occurrence was broadly circled via web-based networking media and through messaging apps.

The episode happened on March 10 at Launga town, around 400 km from state capital Lucknow.

Bulandshahr administrator of police Praveen Ranjan Singh said police enrolled a body of evidence against 18 individuals, 12 of them unidentified, in the wake of recieving a duplicate of the video cut.

Police reached the woman, said to be in her late 20s, at her parents’ home on Wednesday night.

“Previous pradhan Shersingh, his child Shravan and the woman’s husband Shaudan Singh have been captured and strikes are in progress to capture other charged,” said Singh.

The 73-second video cut, clearly shot with a cell phone, purportedly demonstrates the saree-clad lady’s situation is tied hopelessly to an overhead branch of a tree and more than once hit with what gave off an impression of being a leather belt by a man in a green shirt and a coat. The lady could be heard snorting and shouting after each hit.

The video additionally demonstrates a vast horde of men watching the beating and some of them can even be heard criticizing the lady.

Police said the panchayat needed to “teach a lesson to the woman”.

In her statement to police, the woman confessed to eloping with her neighbor Dharmendra Lodhi on March 5 and remaining at the place of one of his relatives in another town.

Following five days, a gathering of individuals from Launga persuaded the couple to come back to their town.

Police said Shersingh and his supporters gathered a kangaroo court and requested her open whipping.

A portion of the villagers had questioned the discipline and requested that the previous pradhan stop it yet they were mishandled and requested to leave the place.

After the beating, the lady was dragged into a room where Shersingh and his supporters professedly assaulted her and told her to keep quiet. The lady likewise blamed Shersingh for requesting that his men make a video of the occurrence so others could see the results of eloping.

I watched a clip of this video online, and was stunned silent for the next five minutes. What other lows is the society going to see? Some may say that the woman was very wrong, but nothing she could have done to deserve such punishments. This is the horrifying truth about these times. Too many people do not know how to draw the line. Such heartless local judicial bodies have been the reason for several other honor beatings and killings. How would any of this change without changing a chunk of the Indian Judicial System?
Inspite of extensive campaigns and mass education, such kind of behavior is still prevalent owing to the absurd belief that men own their wives. Because of these men, the few of them who are actually sensible are also degraded.

God save our souls.

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