Satyamev Jayate hosted by Amir Khan for Social issues in India

The world has always been brimming full social problems. Most people in this country has been a victim of at least one of these social barriers. In these time, the world is in need of people who are willing to raise their voice and work to make a change in this world.
I am sure all of us remember Satyamev Jayate. This show had first aired in the year 2012, and since then has aired three seasons thereafter in a span of 2 years. Amir Khan hosted the show, where he threw light on the atrocities in the society that happen on a regular basis all over the world. Him and his team research to bring out hard facts. The show also invited social activists and other imminent personalities to educate their audience. Amir Khan did an amazing work as a host; his emotional reactions to the stories touched our hearts.
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Here are 5 times when the show brought to the world the truth about the society and moved it to change for the better:

1. Season 1, Episode 1: Daughters are precious

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This was the first ever episode aired on television. The episode had invited women who narrated their horrific stories of female-foeticides. The show brought light to the myth that this cruel practice only happened in rural areas only when the story of a doctor who was told to abort her girl-twins by her orthopaedic surgeon husband. The show had created a vast impact. The chief ministers of Rajasthan had helped carry out a sting operation to expose 140 doctors who practiced pre-natal sex determination and abortion. Several other states put in motion several laws and campaigns against female foeticide and infanticide.
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2. Season 1, Episode 4: Every life is precious

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This episode talked about medical malpractices happening in India. We heard the stories of VS Venkatesh who had gone through four surgeries for a leg infection which could have been treated with antibiotics, Arvind Kumar from Rajasthan who was put in the ICU and then was advised for a surgery when all he needed was a shot of ORS. In aftermath of this episode, the Government of Karnataka took the initiation to open ‘Janatha Bazaar Generic Drugstore’ which sold generic drugs at a subsidized rate almost 50% off the MRP. This probably decreased the mortality rate of the BPL(Below poverty line) population who could not afford the high rates of pharmaceutical companies.
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3. Season 1, Episode 3: Marraige or marketplace

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This episode concentrated on the dowry system of India. We were all shocked by how educated people from well to-do families participated in such crimes. A woman was starved by her husband when they were in the US for refusing to get the legal rights of her parents’ house. Another woman was tortured and then kicked out of home when her financially struggling parents could not pay fully for the husband’s education in abroad. Such are the horrors of this world.
I want to scream and ask to all those husbands who tortured their wives for dowry: “Are you so incapable to earn your own money? Are you so shameless as to take what is not yours? How are you better than any beggar?”
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4. Season 1, Episode 5: Intolerence to love

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India is full of hypocrisy and moral policing. The ‘Kiss of Love Protests’ of 2014 are proof of how the society banishes anything that does not follow their so called ‘sanskaars’. Controversial stories like the death of Rizwanur Rehman was brought up to the audience. Sanjay Sachdev, the leader of ‘Love Commandos’– a NGO which helps couples in love and gives protection from harrasment and honour killings. The episode ends on a happy note with the story of Alka(a doctor), whose parents had realized that the happiness of their daughter is far more important than any social stigma.
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5. Season 1, Episode 10: Dignity For All

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Though the casteism is a criminal offence in India, many sectors of our society go through it on a daily basis in public places, markets and even their workplaces. Amir Khan brings forward stories of people who were ill-treated just because they were ‘dalits’. The show ended with an audience question: “Do we wish to see an immediate end to the practice of manual scavenging, or cleaning of others’ excreta by hand?”. The proceeds of this episode were given to the cause.

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This show has been instrumental in changing the outlook of our society and making an effort to stop the social barbarities that people go through every day. Amir Khan holds to the adage “mumkin hai”(it’s possible), while preaching people to bring change, however small it might be.

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